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Gifted by Nature

Why visit Uganda

Uganda, The Pearl of Africa is truly gifted by nature.   It is most acclaimed for its Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Couple this with having the tallest mountain range and the second deepest lake in Africa. Throw in some tree-climbing lions for good measure and you will see why this small country packs an almighty punch.

Why we love Uganda

Monkey Business

It would be remiss not to mention the life-changing experiences to be had when gorilla trekking or chimp tracking. Encounters with our closest relatives, top bucket lists around the globe. But the primate capital of the world also boasts Black and White Colobus Monkeys, Grey-cheeked Mangabeys, Golden, Blue and Patas Monkeys to name a few.

Resplendent Birdlife

Home to a remarkable avian diversity, attributed to the wide range of natural habitats and totalling 1085 at the last count, it’s no wonder birders flock here. Over half of Africa’s bird species are found in Uganda. The rare and endangered Shoebill is just one of the highly sought after feathered friends to be spotted.

Ecotourism Pioneers

With a relatively undisturbed environment, Uganda has taken significant steps to ensure responsible travel to her ecologically sensitive areas. Apart from wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism development, ecotourism aims at local empowerment both socially and economically.

50 Shades of Green

Lush emerald rolling hills, dense, deep green rainforests and a patchwork of banana, tea and coffee plantations in varying shades of jade make for a brilliantly verdant landscape. The vibrant hues of Uganda’s topography will make even an unskilled photographer’s pictures pop!

Our Uganda highlights

Touch down in Entebbe, an attractive city on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is a mere 35km south of the bustling capital, Kampala. Both cities have an array of fascinating sites to visit. You will need a full day if you want to pay a visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria.  

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, is a legendary primaeval forest in the south-west of the country.  It is where the Bwindi population of critically endangered mountain gorillas are. This is where life-changing and unforgettable meetings with these gentle giants happen!  Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is the other, lesser-known area for gorilla trekking. 

Spanning the equator line is the popular Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is Uganda’s prime safari destination thanks to its high biodiversity rating. The remote Ishasha sector of the park is particularly notable for its tree-climbing lions.  They are often found snoozing in the shady fig trees. Another dominant feature of the park is the Kazinga Channel, which links Lake Edward and Lake George. Boat cruises along the channel offer a different wildlife viewing perspective.

The towering Rwenzori Mountains make a formidable backdrop. Also called the Mountains of the moon, this is Africa’s top hiking destination. The range has spectacular summits and uncrowded routes.


Deep inside the evergreen rain forest of Kibale National Park is where the opportunity to engage with chimpanzees occurs. It is also home to a variety of other mammals, including 12 other primate species and 375 species of birds. 

Murchison Falls National Park lies in the north-west. It is an ancient conservation area proudly protecting a healthy population of game. Its name derives from the waterfall which breaks the Victoria Nile through a narrow gorge before plunging 43 meters with a thunderous roar! 

Nestled in the far north-eastern corner is the rugged and well-hidden Kidepo National Park. Undoubtedly among the best of Africa’s true wilderness areas!  Nature looms large and it harbours many lesser-seen creatures. 

For the even more adventurous, the adrenaline capital of East Africa, Jinja, is the place to visit. River-based activities including white-water rafting and kayaking take the main stage here. It is also the source of the White Nile. 

Lake Bunyonyi offers a tranquil setting in which to relax and unwind after the more rigorous trekking activities. Its crystal-clear waters are bilharzia, croc and hippo free making it a safe swimming spot. It’s a good place to learn about the culture of the locals and you can also visit a Batwa village in the area.

Some of our favourite accommodation in Uganda

Hotel No.5

Uganda_HotelNo5A stylish stay in a tranquil setting

Cloud Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Stunning Views from Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge in Bwindi National Forest, UgandaA sublime base for your mountain gorilla adventures

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