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Why visit Namibia

If there was only one word to describe Namibia it would be landscapes. Vast deserts, towering dunes, a pristine coastline and ravishing ravines are just some of the magnificent attributes of this breathtaking country.   Given its size and despite being so sparsely inhabited it offers unrivaled natural and cultural experiences.

Why we love Namibia

Transcendent Landscapes

Namibia’s landscape is punctuated with evolving shapes and rich hues at every turn.  Breathtaking vistas and unique topography contribute to its eternal appeal.

Intriguing Cultures

Namibia provides an enriching and engaging opportunity to discover its local people and to learn about their customs and traditions in a sensitive and beneficial way.

Unique Fauna and Flora

Namibia is home to some very unique and endemic wildlife species, including specially adapted dune dwellers.  The plant species are also unusual and include one the oldest plants known to man.

Remote & Extreme

An exhilarating wilderness, Namibia allows those who want it, the ability to travel off the beaten path with confidence.  Its remoteness gives a sense of freedom away from noise, traffic and light pollution.

Our Namibia highlights

Both Windhoek, the capital and Swakopmund, a quaint sea-side town have a distinctly German flavour, which is showcased not only in the architecture but also in the cuisine.  Although considered a sleepy village, Swakopmund and nearby Walvis Bay play host to an array of adrenalin-fuelled activities such as sandboarding, sky-diving, and quad-biking in the desert.

Continuing north is The Skeleton Coast, a desolate, barren wilderness named for the many shipwrecks that litter the coastline.

Another exceptional desert is The Namib-Naukluft National Park, which is home to Sossusvlei, a remarkable salt and clay pan surrounded by shifting terracotta sand dunes as well as Deadvlei, a blinding white clay pan dotted with contrasting black petrified trees. It is easy to see why it is a photographer’s dream.



For those in search of a safari, Etosha National Park is the country’s greatest wildlife sanctuary.  It is unusual in that approximately one-quarter of the park is covered by a salt pan which has very little vegetation and yet the park is teeming with wildlife which frequents the many water holes.

Rugged rock formations and ancient rock art take centre stage in the Damaraland area.  It’s also where you will get a glimpse into the lifestyle of some very unique tribes, namely The Himba, Damara and Herero people.

Travelling to the south you will have the opportunity to marvel at the second largest canyon in the world, The Fish River Canyon, which is over 500 million years old and 161km long!

In complete contrast to the arid interior and coastline, the Caprivi Strip in the northeastern corner is a sub-tropical region fringed by rivers and wetlands. It comprises of a number of game reserves and is the access point into neighbouring Botswana.

Some of our favourite accommodation in Namibia

Shipwreck Lodge

Namibia-Ship-Wreck-LodgeShipwreck Lodge situated on the beautiful Skeleton Coast is one of the most unique and dramatic on the continent.

Habitas Namibia

Connection and sustainability are the order of the day at Habitas Namibia, offering wildlife, educational and wellness experiences for a multi-sensory adventure.

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